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* Household items     -     comforters, linens, curtains, blankets (sorry we no longer clean furniture covers)

* Area Rugs

* Leathers & Suedes

* Wedding Gowns     -     
boxed and preserved
Care Tags:
Stains take many forms - some visible, some invisible, some absorbed in the fibers of a garment,
others crusted atop the fabric - but the proper care for any stain is paramount in maintaining the
quality of the garment it has taken its unwanted residence upon. The immediate reaction of
rubbing the stain out of the garment with a cloth/tissue can sometimes do more damage than the
stain itself. Some materials, such as silk and rayon, can lose color by hard rubbing upon them -
so always gently dab the stain with a dry cloth/tissue. Do not use water or soda water on Dry
Clean Only garments. (The reason we say “Dry” is because we do not use water which may
damage the fabric or disrupt the dye).Try to get the garment to
Dryclean Pros as soon as
possible, as stains may set if left untreated for several days. We use a variety of spotting
chemicals that are formulated for the removal of specific stains, so by letting our staff know what
the stain is we can start by using the best possible spotting chemical for that type of stain.
Remember, not all spots will come out, but if we haven't gotten a stain out, we will be happy to
retry cleaning it at no additional charge!
Always store your garments when clean. Putting garments away when dirty or worn can set stains
and attract insects, including moths and silverfish that may damage the clothing. When storing
your garments, never place them in a cardboard box that isn't made from acid-free paper and
make sure they can “breath” so as not to trap moisture in the garments if the humidity levels
Dryclean Pros offers FREE BOX STORAGE!
Always inspect the care tag on any garment you intend to purchase. First make sure there is a
care tag present: Federal Law requires a care tag be permanently attached to any garment sold
in the United States - that means the care tag should be made out of a fabric that will last as long
as the garment itself, and should not be made out of paper. If the Care Tag uses the term
“Exclusive of Trim” the garment does not meet the minimum standards set forth by the FTC and
you should avoid purchasing it. Also, be wary of garments that have a Care Tag that says “Spot
Clean Only” -
this means that garment should not be washed or dry cleaned and anyone
purchasing it should consider it as disposable. Spot cleaning means just that, cleaning only small
spots on the garment, typically with compressed air and a very small amount of water only - this
method is not practical for the removal of any large stains, odors or body perspiration. Care Tags
should be straight forward: “Machine Wash Cold”, “Dry Clean Only” etc. but if ever you have a
question on proper garment care just email
Dryclean Pros and we will be happy to answer
your question.